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OFFICIAL Fantasy Warriors Updates

Warrior #5 Dark Elf Army Lists

Warrior #5 New Magic Spells

(Incite Frenzy, Fickle Finger and new rules for Dragon Breath)

Warrior #6 Nick Lund New Profiles
(Halflings, Barbarian Giant, Cyclops, Bugbear and Fighting Men Cannon!)

Warrior #3 Letters Page

Warrior #7 Juggernaut Tactics
by Doug Cowie
Warrior #8 Orc Tricks and Tactics
by Doug Cowie
Warrior #11 Use of Druids Article
(article includes new Druidic power!)
Warrior #11 New Profiles! (Barbarian Cavalry, Dark Elf Raptor Riders and Dwarven Handgunners)
Warrior #11 Official Ratmen Army List!
(Includes the errata from Warrior #12)
Warrior #13 FW Letters
(Derek Mugridge)
Grenadier Bulletin #3 Errata, FAQ and Suggestions

by Doug Cowie

FUUK Information & Articles

New Rules: Combination Orders
Fantasy Warriors News
Fantasy Warriors frothForum
GMI Review of Fantasy Warriors (Apr '91)
frotherbAz's Ver'men & Beastmen pages
UnclEvl's Uruk-Balt (Swamp Orcs)

Other Links

Naran Fantasy Wars- Nick Lund's Fan Team (Italian)
Mirliton's Fantasy Warriors Miniatures
Grenadier's old figure range, plus rules, counters and some new figs (rules in Italian only)
Nemo's old Fantasy Warriors site
With free '2nd Ed.' download! (Italian)
'Ratfiend' Army List -Guy Dawe (Ragnarok)
Fantasy Warriors at The Miniatures Page

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frothForum Latest!
The frothForums are back, and the webmaster has provided a dedicated Fantasy Warriors forum for discussion of our fave wargame.


Mirliton have a fully functioning Fantasy Warriors Miniatures webshop which now features pretty much all of those old Grenadier molds. Mirliton have outlets all over the world, including here in the UK where they trade as Vexilia for reasons steeped in miniatures historical myth... Vexilia now have the full MirlitonFantasy catalogue online and available for order.

According to our Italian counterparts at Naran Fantasy Wars there is currently a dispute between Doug Cowie's em-4 and Mirliton over the ownership of the rules, which has prompted them to remove the English version from their own website... we don't know too much about that at the moment, except that several years since announcing their own FW releases em4 still only have the barbarians and the plastic dwarves and orcs.

Again thanks to our Naran collegas for providing us a pdf of the first 13 Warrior Newsletters, from which we shall be extracting the good bits and then maybe posting the boring bits later. First up are the Dark Elf Army Lists from the elusive Warrior #5, plus some new magic spells and dragon breath rules to spice up your games.

Greetings fellow frothers and welcome to our pages devote to that classic fantasy wargame, Fantasy Warriors! We have some real veterans of the game amongst our number, who have been playing the 1st edition (written by Nick Lund and published by Grenadier Miniatures UK) for some long years now.

Of course being true frothers we haven't been able to leave well enough alone, and the game has evolved somewhat with various amendments and 'strap-ons' over this period. At some point the FU!UK will finish their project to collate all of the various scraps of paper into a single document (well you never know... -Doc). In the meantime any discussion of the game is likely to generate more froth than a badly poured pint of Guinness!

We here at FU-UK hope over time to bring you some of the 'enhancements' that we think will add to your enjoyment of this game. Indeed we hope that this page will become the biggest and best (English language) resource for the game! How we doing so far? We do have some of our rules here already, as well as a few of the (heavily amended) army lists we use in our battles.

But first things first- why do we favour this esoteric system over some better known and supported games out there?

Why Fantasy Warriors?

Like any game FW has its little quirks and oddities, but the thing that makes it great to us is the focus on command and control. In many wargame systems you'll find yourself poring over your army's movements and tactics. You have a godlike level of control over each of your little figures, only losing your ability to determine their every move when an unusual psychological effect afflicts them.

FW takes a different approach, placing you much more in the position of an overall commander, issuing orders to your commanders and struggling to match their reactions to the battlefield situation. What is more you need a physical (or metaphysical) means of conveying these orders- if you can't get a messenger through to your men you might even have to send your warchief after them yourself!

On top of this you have the problem of ill-disciplined troops failing to respond to your orders, and even suffering from ongoing psychological effects, like 'bloodlust' which causes them to go charging into the nearest enemy, and probably getting minced in the process...

This all gives you a real flavour of the 'fog of war', requiring you to begin with a well thought out plan and the ability to make adjustments to that plan should it all go pear-shaped in the second turn.

More about Nick Lund

Fantasy Warriors was originally written by a bloke called Nick Lund who appears to have had many talents- not only was he clever enough to write a fast and furious game like Fantasy Warriors but also produced his own figures and owned his own games company - 'Chronicle Miniatures'. According to The Stuff of Legends web site Chronicle Miniatures (originally an independent company) was bought out and Nick Lund went to work at the Citadel Design Studio, who continued to distribute the original miniatures until they were eventually replaced with new designs.

When Nick Lund joined Grenadier Miniatures to form Grenadier Miniatures UK, Chronicle ceased to exist. Chronicle miniatures was well known for a time, producing fantasy and sci-fi miniatures in the late 1970s. All the moulds and masters were then purchased by an Italian company called Stratelibri who re-released the Fantasy Warriors line under the name Nemo Miniatures.

Cunningly sitting on the game for a number of years (perhaps they were using babelfish to translate it into Italian? -Doc), there was much excitement (in Frother Central) about the release of a new second edition developed by the Stratelibri team... available for free too!

Til, er, Nemo folded, or at least stopped producing FW products, though you'll probably be able to get the rules from their site for a while (we'll see about hosting them here if/when their site stops supporting it). Ah, well, according to our Italian chums at Nick Lund's Fan Team it wasn't much cop anyway. The old Grenadier masters are now in the possession of Doug Cowie's em-4 Miniatures, something of a return home range, as Cowie was part of the original team that first brought us FW.

Lund also wrote the 'Future Warriors: Kill Zone' rules set, a futuristic skirmish type game, and with Hugh Pitt released it through Grenadier Models. It is now available to download for free here, thanks to their kind permission and the efforts of Gisby's Gaming Page. Apparently a 2nd edition of this is in the pipeline (and has been for several years, so it should be good eh?).

For an interesting online battle report for this game go to The following Colonial Games Link.